Tour Guide Field Practical

Agama Tours as the Tour company that based on the #Eco-Tanzania Safaris 
We also offer #Tour guides field practical orportunity and Tour Operator students
While visiting diferent Tanzania nothern parks you will get to learn in practical  Topics below


  • -Wild  Survviving skills
  • Tour Guides Skills and Peronalities 
  • -Identification of Mammals
  • - Identification of birds (including wading birds and raptors)
  • -Identification of reptiles
  •  -Identification of amphibians
  •  Identification of Plants
  • Tourisit driving and Mechanical
  • Tour OPerator services
  • Tour Agents
  • Tourisim Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Tourisim Vandor

By the end of the course participants will be able to identify a wide range of biological resources and interpret them and be a profesional experienced guides and able to organize Tourisim Business 

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